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Greetings soldier!

GrandMini Studios is a Swedish indie game studio focusing on simple and user-friendly computer games. We are driven by a strong interest in Sweden's fantastic history and especially Sweden's military history. This interest is something we want to share with as many people as possible.

Let us present the world's first hexagon-based war game about the Great Northern War - Great Battles of Carolus XII. Visit our website below:

Join our journey to honour the history of Sweden!

Today you can buy a copy of Great Battles of Carolus XII and take part in our journey as we create the world's first hexagon-based war game focused on the Great Northern War. Great Battles of Carolus XII is also the first game to depict the Great Northern War from a unique Swedish perspective.

Great Battles of Carolus XII already contains several detailed historical maps and we are also continuously working with adding more maps and improving the game.

GrandMini Studios can today proudly present the goals for the coming year 2022:

Our ambition

Our project is inspired by historical events but does not claim to be historically correct in all respects. The game also does not claim to be deeply strategic. The game merely strives to be uncomplicated and entertaining. In this simple historical strategy game, the player commands the Swedish army and defeats the enemies of Svea Rike.

So do not hesitate! Visit our Steam page today to buy the game or add it to your wishlist. Now you have the opportunity to perform great deeds and experience Stormaktstiden. Overcome seemingly impossible odds and defeat enemies who do everything they can to crush the kingdom of Sweden!

GrandMini Studios wishes you good luck on the battlefield when you fight for the glory of Svea Rike!

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